1st Unboxing on The CP Podcast!!!

Hey y'all!
I want to give a warm welcome and shout out to my new subscribers! Welcome to The Cluttered Mind everyone! New items will be added this week, and fellas this one is for y'all because I know I've been slacking off with my designs for y'all lol! So after this week, I'm going to chill on the apparel and focus on some paraphernalia items like phone cases, mugs, and etc... I also wanted to share that last week some of my items were shared on The CP Podcast on YouTube! I am their 1st unboxing (such an honor!), and I am so freaking thrilled that they loved my items! I'll drop the link below! Make sure to check out the podcast especially if you like being goofy, into conspiracy theories, and other out of the box discussions! 
https://youtu.be/A5o3AFJOw-Y?si=CMaFCvV6U7N-bYI7 <---- Here's the link! Watch the whole episode or check out the unboxing at around the 28 minute mark!

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