Black History "Month"

Oh My GOSH!!!

So... First off, I FINALLY got my laptop fixed! Hence, why it's been so long since I've blogged. I wasn't about to do it using my phone because that's just annoying, and although it was very sweet of my husband to offer me his laptop. It's just... not... the same (sigh). 

We are in February, and that means for 28 days (according to US of A) we can celebrate OUR history. You may have noticed the title of this blog post with the word month in quotations. Well, you see Black History deserves way more than a month, and just because they give us a funky ass 28 day month, doesn't mean we need to stick by that! We have sooooo much history, and sooo many things happening with our culture now that we can't simply stuff it into the shortest month of the year. Our history deserves to be taught 365, and we have to take it upon ourselves to teach ourselves OUR HISTORY, and teach OUR BABIES OUR HISTORY.

Look... I have some items in my shop that other minority groups may actually like, and want to purchase, but overall this store is for US. Whenever I come up with an idea for a new design, I ALWAYS visualize it on someone that looks like me. I knew when I started this business who I wanted my audience to be. I believe that I bring something different to the apparel game, and I'm going to keep bringing it 365 so that we can celebrate US 24/7 Three sixty five!

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